i have 3 d’s in a class for bellworks i wasn’t here for, i asked if they had to be made up, she said no, but she won’t take the d’s out bc i ‘lost those points by not being here’ and ‘my grade’s at a c bc i didn’t turn in ONE study guide’ i hate this class i don’t want to be here



cop: who the hell ordered all these pizzas

me: you said i got one phone call



i am the most annoying person to text


i am the most annoying person to text

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waking up: haha fuck


cat people: dogs are cool too
dog people: cats don’t feel love did you know a cat once MURDERED my MOTHER




well mannered boys who are into kinky shit behind closed doors

respectful boys who spank you til you’re bruised

calm boys who only lose it when someone else touches you

joe biden


the fucking worst is when people are like “you hate people for having a different opinion than you!!!!” like im not shitting on this guy because he thinks pistachio ice cream is gross im shitting on him because he actually believes that i and people like me dont deserve basic human rights and respect and safety

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tips on how to properly enter my room:

  1. do not

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i don’t want to do any of my homework or study or go to school at all i want to stay home all day every day and sleep that’s it i have no other interests from october to like may


burns every piece of evidence that shows i lived before the age of 14

bruh my phone is always in my damn hand if u think im ignoring you i am


*sees moon*
*remembers outer space*



This is a newborn baby emerging from a woman’s vagina. Some of you might think it’s graphic or even “gross” but I actually think it’s a beautiful example of the miracle that is childbirth. Just look at that expression on the child’s face. If you can’t appreciate the natural process that brings us all into this world you’ve got some serious growing up to do.